Our commitment to fast response and premium quality motivated us to invest in the leading structural steel fabrication technology in the world – the PythonX. This incredible machine performs every conceivable cut on any structural section, eliminating manual fabrication as well as steps at other machines. Its speed and accuracy are unrivaled and it works directly from your part detail drawings, so there is no manual measuring, setup or programming – the PythonX does it all.

This technology makes Benjamin Steel ultra competitive on any structural steel project you give us. We invite you to come visit and see for yourself what the PythonX can do.

  • Bolt Holes – High quality, AISC compliant,
    no taper, any size
  • Copes  – with CNC accuracy
  • Cut To Length – 6X Band Saw speed
  • Miter Cuts – with compound angles
  • Notches & Cutouts – any size
  • Slots –  knife connections, bracing
  • Stair Stringers –  with tread layout
  • Weld Prep Bevel Angles
  • Scribing – all letters, numbers
  • T-Beams – from splitting I-Beams
  • Layout Marks – for clips, stiffeners
Profile ShapeProcessing Capacity
Beam Width4" min to 36" max
Beam Height4" min to 17" max
HSS Tubes4" x 4" min to 24" x 16" max
Channel Width3" min to 36" max
Channel Height1.25" min to 4" max
Angles4" x 4" min to 8" x 8" max
Flat Width4" min to 36" max
Flat Thickness0.25" min to 1.25" max
Hole Diameter24" max